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Travel Bank

What is Travel Bank?

Bearskin travellers can now retain the value of a non-refundable ticket in a customer managed Travel Bank (TB) account. TB is accessible through our reservations centre and online. Use your Travel Bank balance to purchase a new itinerary for up to 12 months from the date of deposit! TB information resides within a Bearskin customer profile and allows you to view all your refunds/redemptions online. Travel Bank utilizes state of the art technology to ensure the highest level of security and privacy while enabling self-fulfillment via the website.

How does Travel Bank work?

A TB account is opened the first time you cancel a non-refundable ticket and is held by the person(s) named on the eticket. There is a service fee which varies depending on the type of fare purchased for the use of Travel Bank on non-refundable tickets. The remaining balance is deposited into your account. An email is sent to the owner which contains a login ID to access your account online. The next time you want to travel simply choose "Travel Bank" as your form of payment.

Who can use Travel Bank?

  • Individual Passengers for business or leisure travel.
  • Secondary Users as assigned by the TB account owner, for business or leisure travel. The Secondary user feature allows you to share your balance with another traveller. This functionality is only available online. Email confirmations are sent to the TB owner when a secondary user is either added to an account or uses a balance to purchase a new ticket. Secondary users must create their own unique profile and the TB owner will then add them to the account. At the next login, the secondary user will see a TB balance.

    Adding a Secondary User to your TB account
    You will need the login ID of the secondary user to add to your account. If the secondary traveller does not have a login ID, they will need to create one first.

    Step 1 ­ Login to your profile.

    Step 2 ­ Under the Travel Bank section, select ADD A SECOND USER and insert their LOGIN ID. Once the system finds the ID, click ADD this traveller. They now has access to the credits in your account.

    Once a secondary user has been added to an account, they will remain unless their LOGIN ID is removed by the primary owner.

    Assistance is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm via our Live Help Support.
  • Corporate TB is ideally suited to companies with several employees who travel frequently and book online. Initial set up of the corporate profile is facilitated by Bearskin. The corporate client assigns an administrator who then circulates the CORP ID to employees. This CORP ID enables TB usage for business travel. Employees each have their own unique login ID and password with a CORP ID in their profile. Either the company assigned administrator can make the reservations or the employees can manage their own travel plans. Simply select "shop for business" after login to enable the Corporate Travel Bank module once you've signed up. For more detailed information or to apply for a Corporate TB account, please email
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